Harshavardhan Reddy (HVR) the owner of HVR Group, is a distinguished business entrepreneur and a multi-faceted personality with keen interest in law. His passion for sports has prompted him to enter the business of sports in the country. He has established HVR Sports INC. which seeks to develop a number of sports hitherto unrecognized but potentially profitable both in terms of discovering new talent and offering a sustainable profession to such sports persons.

Having tasted enormous success in education businesses through his Aura Edutech India Pvt. Ltd., Harshavardhan Reddy decided to look at sports as a big opportunity for the Indian youth. HVR Sports INC today is fast developing in to an extremely successful platform for future aspirants who want to strike it big in the world of sports. The company also aims to convert a number of sports into professional sports which will create larger opportunities for sports persons to earn their livelihood.

Mr. Harshavardhan Reddy believes that it is no longer the case that youngsters in India take to sports purely for the sheer joy of it. The changing scenario has created huge earning prospects through games. This obviously encourages them to train their energies towards developing specialized skills that will help them to become professionals with sustainable incomes. He on the other side is also involved in other online projects that are ReadyDeals.com and Unlimitedskill.com.

  • MR. RAMANADAM REDDY, grandfather of HVR belonged to Madras State (prior to 1950).He was a prominent Panchayat head for villages in Madhurantakam District, heading the trust of “NAMMALWAR RAMANUJAR KUTOM” respected figure in education, services, facilitation and development of vaishnavaites in addition to being a Landlord.
  • Dr. Marram Sarangapani Reddy, father of HVR is a visionary who revolutionized the Hospitality Education sector, and founder of the educational group Merit (http://www.meritworldwide.com) currently residing in Dubai.He is the owner of The Herriot Watt University Dubai Campus.(http://www.hw.ac.uk/dubai.htm)(http://www.hw.ac.uk/news/archive/2010/design-science-engineering-and-sport-among-heriot-watt-honorary-degrees.htm)
  • MR. Narayana Reddy, Great grand father of HVR was Zamindar to 27 Villages of AVILALA (Present day part of Chittoor District) the family till date manages temples, large land banks, schools and colleges and after the recent judgement by the Supreme court AVILALA lake (largest in the district) has been given back to the family.

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