• An esteemed platform which promotes all kinds of sports including rural sports.
  • It focuses towards developing specialized skills that will help them to become professionals with sustainable incomes.
  • HVR Sports INC today is fast developing in to an extremely successful platform which is designed to broad base sports in India and to ensure larger participation.
  • The company also aims to convert a number of sports into professional sports which will create larger opportunities for sports persons to earn their livelihood.
  • HVR Sports is giving an opportunity to the youth of the country to look beyond the scope of other games which until now have been the only rewarding sports worth pursuing.


HVR Sports INC is classified into five categories:

  • Olympic
  • Non-Olympic
  • Village sports
  • Luxury sports
  • Martial arts
  • Differently Abled Sports
  • Winter Sports

All these sports have their own significance, but are not well projected. This platform is created for promoting every sport to the next level.

Our Collaborations

  • Indian Style Kabaddi Federation (INSKF)
  • Indian Golf Union (IGU)
  • All India Association of Sports for All (AIASFA)
  • GFI Gymnastic Federation of India (GFI)
  • Delhi Soccer Association (DSA)
  • Association of All India Jeet Kune Do Foundation (AAIJF)
  • All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (IMMAF)
  • Indian Style Wrestling Association of India (ISWAI)
  • Taekwondo Federation of India (TFI)
  • … other 40 collaborations in process