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In the world of lookalikes is different, a never before experience for the users and a complete revolution in e-commerce. On one hand it brings some renowned brands on a single platform; on the other hand, it offers unlimited opportunities to start-ups and business prospectors to develop and expand their business models. has been created to help entrepreneurs take a significant step towards becoming their own boss. helps people with great ideas turn them into brilliant businesses by retaining their ownership. is India’s first ever self-explanatory business and services all-encompassing e-commerce site which brings to the users a unique opportunity to conduct any aspect of trade and commerce on a single, artificial intelligence enabled platform AIBOT. It enhances and enriches customer experience, with over 600 stores for users to explore multi entities, services, products, technology and concept under one umbrella by bringing some of the world’s biggest consumer brands on a single platform.

Every product, service, facility, options, innovation, research & development required by and large by the user is available at a click of a button or a voice command.

What big problems does it solve?

There are numerous challenges that e-commerce sites in India are facing, and some of them include bad logistics, fewer payment gateways, and lack of ecommerce knowledge. All these factors make it difficult for the ecommerce websites to grow in the Indian markets.

Majorly, the Reddy Online solves following problems in an e-commerce business:-

  • Receiving wrong products
  • Products out of stock
  • Non delivery/delay in the delivery
  • Damaged product in transit
  • Finding the address
  • Returns more difficult

Apart from this, Reddy Online also solves problems by converting ideas into a profitable business and provides necessary services till the stage of IPO/Listings.

Market Opportunity